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Birthdate:Dec 29
Location:Florida, United States of America
21-year-old English major/French minor.
Love singing and writing.
I cuss like a sailor.
Supernatural is ♥.
Sam-and-Dean!Girl. I have no favorite.
My fanfiction is here: [profile] rfair_fiction.
Harry Potter.
This journal is friends only, but I love making new friends! I stay away from wank/drama, and I ask that my friends do the same. As long as you post somewhat regularly and we have a few things in common, I'll more than likely add you back.

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1984, 67 impala, alan rickman, alias, anderson cooper, apple, audrey hepburn, baking, barack obama, barefoot in the park, batman, bears beets battlestar galactica, bill compton, bruce wayne, buffy the vampire slayer, castiel, castle, charles dickens, chicago, chief osceola, clark kent, clark/bruce, clark/lex, clex, coldplay, college, concerts, cooking, dancing, dave matthews band, david anders, david sedaris, dean winchester, dean/castiel, draco malfoy, fanfiction, first amendment rights, florida state university, food, freedom of speech, french, gay marriage, gay rights, giraffes, god, gone with the wind, green arrow, harry potter, heath ledger, hermione/severus, hg/ss, high school musical, his dark materials, j2, jane austen, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jason manns, jensen ackles, jim halpert, jim/pam, john mayer, julian sark, kanye west, lex luthor, literature, lord of the rings, mac, maroon 5, metallicar, michael rosenbaum, missy elliott, mr. darcy, music, musicals, mythology, old school alias, old school gilmore girls, oscar wilde, pam pong, pink kryptonite, pirates of the carribean, pride and prejudice, project runway, queer as folk, reading, remus/sirius, ron/draco, ron/hermione, sam winchester, sam/dean, sammy winchester, say anything, scrubs, seminoles, severus snape, singing, slash, smallville, snape, spike, stephen colbert, superman, supernatural, that's what she said, the bible, the colbert report, the killers, the office, the princess bride, the stage, tim gunn, true blood, twilight, writing
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