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Friends Only

(My fanfiction is at [ profile] rfair_fiction)

i want to be buddies...

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damn it took me forever to figure out to do this!! :) add me please!! <3

Re: i want to be buddies...

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Done. :-D

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I really enjoyed "Sunrise", and I've been looking to make more friends that are interested in some of the same things as me. We both love SV, SPN, slash and The Office, all of which are pretty much my life ;)

If you're interested, I'd like to be friends!

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Thank you so much about "Sunrise!" I just added you! :)

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Hi! I really liked your fic so, I'm friending.:D

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Hello! I understand you are now a co-creater on our comm of DOOM? :p Thank you so much for taking part, not only for the comm assistance, but to save me and batmanboxers from spoilers. I am eternally grateful :D

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Absolutely! I adore [ profile] batmanboxers so I was more than willing to help. :)